Long time no talk!

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Whoa! It seems like forever since I did a post! Time for some pics of the kids too aye?

Lots of stuff has happened lately. Deacon lost his first tooth and of course got a visit from the tooth fairy 😀

Both kids were sick on and off for the entire holiday fortnight! blah. Not at all fun, and now we’ve been hit with another bout.

Little Aths has started again which Deacon is loving, although we already missed one meet last night due to upset tummys.

Today was garden day, the kids had a ball outside, and even time we cracked open the sunscreen and had to find the sun hats. It was great all day and the kids love playing on our massive driveway. It is HUGE and awesome for rolling down on the bike or whatever they can find with wheels 😀 See the pics for the latest craze! And even a boo-boo to boot.

This is what happens when Mum is too slow finding some shoes!!

And Monday I met Mish! You may know her from DST. Well we met up at a little town called Creswick while she was staying in Ballarat, it’s kind of a half way point. It was awesome and I am such a horrid shy person usually but not that day. I think I talked her ear off! And didn’t shut up all afternoon. It was a pity it was such a rushed visit. The kids loved her daughter Jess and Mish as well of course. I hope we can meet again one day, I’d love to meet everyone.

That’s about it. Hope I haven’t forgotten anything. I am so bad remembering anything since I had Deacon, it screwed up my memory really bad. I may be back to add more if i remember anything!! lol


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  1. Neverland Scraps
    October 20, 2008 at 13:46 (9 years ago)

    Oh my goodness, those are adorable photos! I can’t believe Deacon lost his tooth already! Guess you’ll be making a Tooth Fairy kit soon, huh?! 😀 And uugh, to Kaylee on her foot. They were adorable photos, but when I got to her toe….uugh, my youngest had has quite a few bloody toes this Summer as we dont really like wearing shoes outside–or inside!

    That’s too funny that you lost your mind when having Deacon. I lost mine when I had my oldest and now that I had the second, there’s no use looking for it. I know its not coming back!! 😀

    Glad to see an update from you. LOVED the Felt Tutorial! When the computer is working, I’m going to be trying that one out since I bought your Felt 😉

  2. Brooke - in Oregon
    October 18, 2008 at 22:43 (9 years ago)

    Hello there! Looks like you all had a beautiful day! We have a few nice days left before it looks like it will turn yucky so we are enjoying them to the fullest! Headed to the pumpkin patch with Kaylie today, so lots of photos to be taken 🙂

    Deacon is such a handsome little man and growing up so fast, 1st missing tooth. That is a big milestone for a kid

    POOR Kaylee, looks like an ouchie for sure. But I bet it didn’t slow her down a bit, she seems like a go getter 🙂 Somehow I think your Kaylee and our Kaylie would have a ton of fun together.

    Good to hear from you and see an update on the kids.

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